Every time I take on a new client, at some point we'll explore describing their brand in three adjectives. Now, I guess it’s my turn:

Efficient. Results-Driven. Thorough. 

Whether I’m locking down an international Microsoft ad for my hobby business, putting together content strategy for a peppy direct marketing autoresponder series, creating a website for Nigeria’s biggest healthcare provider, or writing scripts and scene planning videos on PTSD for the VA, I’m always laser-focused on creating the perfect experience for the end user.

How do we drive them to the CTA? How do we create the right vibe and keep them moving forward?

I’m happy to do the brainwork myself, or work with large marketing teams.


  • Started in TV journalism and worked the gamut, from local news in Texas to CBS News in New York. For the 2000 presidential campaign, I was the only Austin local hired to work for CBS (who was pool for all networks), field producing for then-Governor George W. Bush’s team for the election and recount.
  • First day interning at CBS News in New York was September 11, 2001. Intense experience, working tirelessly for a semester.
  • Did local TV news in Texas, but got sick of caking on makeup and fluffing my hair every day – plus waiting around for live shots is no fun – so I switched to print journalism in 2002. Wrote for financial, travel and human interest magazines and newspapers in Austin, TX, Santa Monica, CA, and London, England.
  • Full-time staff M&A and VC reporter and associate editor for financial trade publication (at FactSet) for five years.


  • Founded Life History Books, an affordable memoir service creating private keepsake books and also offering dignity therapy services, in 2009. It’s the first and only company with a network of personal historians creating bespoke coffee table books for everyday people. It’s an important service – but not a scalable business – so to keep it affordable, it’s now more of a hobby business, with absolutely no promotion or marketing.
  • On shortlist of 5 finalists to become Business Consultant for Stylist Magazine (one of the UK's biggest magazines) in 2011.


  • In 2011, writing, editing, marketing & PR consulting kicked off to companies and professionals in all sectors.
I love to laugh, love to eat, and love that my dogs snuggle in beside me while I’m working.

More than any one thing, I love variety, so I appreciate my wide array of roles.

I love that I always have the flexibility to bring in a client I’m excited to help or spend an hour or two a day on something really creative that keeps the left side of the brain humming along.
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